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Friday, September 18, 2009


Knuckled down, finally stopped procrastinating and got the Christening Gown finished. I had finished all the embroidering last year so I really have been putting it off!

I realised that if I didn't stop making excuses I would never get it done so when I knew that the baby was being induced I decided that it had to be finished before it was born.....lol.

I have never been, and never will be a seamstress - I won't tell you how long I read the stupid directions and tried to make some sense of them. I also know, just like when you pull an engine apart, I ended up with left over bits....rotfl. But regardless of all that I am really pleased the the final result - in fact I have surprised myself.

I still haven't completed the back - trying to decide whether to have buttons or ribbons to fasten the back. Finally decided that ribbons would be best in case future children are bigger/older/plumper and need that little extra room that you could get by tying the back opening instead of buttoning it.

Anyway, my most important UFO is now in the completed pile and I couldn't be happier especially in view of the devastating news about Abigail - I doubt I could concentrate on the sewing with the news hanging over my head. Still trying to get my head around the diagnosis.

For some reason the colour hasn't come out right - it looks white when in actual fact it is Ivory - Swiss Batiste in a lovely ivory colour - but at least you get the idea.

So my next UFO to attempt? To be honest I have no idea - been doing a lot of knitting of cute little girlie boleros and hug me tights ...lol ..... but rest assured I will try and get at least one more done before the year is out! Actually I have one more cloth to complete that I want to give as a Christmas Present so that will have to be done.