We are a group of crafters who have pledged to complete as many of our UnFinished Objects as possible this year...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sweet Baby Jane

I haven't been blogging much, but I have been busy in my sewing room, working on new projects and UFOs.
These are squares I started last year sometime, using my Sweet Baby Jane jelly roll.
This is where they were still up to at Easter.

This is where they are up to now.

The top is now finished, [and square, i might add! :)]. I'm trying to decide whether to quilt it myself or get it done professionally. It will all depend on how I decide to quilt it.

So that's another UFO well on its way to being done.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Into The Stretch On One More!

A recent, casual comment provided me with the needed inspiration to finish this wall hanging. This time it is a legitimate UFO! I was inspired by a pattern based on the blocks that would have been made by the characters in the Little house On The Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We lived in Minnesota at the time [we moved here from there in 2001!] I had a good friend, Heide, from Germany, who wanted to learn to do patchwork. I volunteered to teach her [sort of "the blind leading the blind!"] We both learned a lot and our weekly stitching sessions cemented our friendship, and helped to make the long Minnesota winter bearable!

The top picture was my first try at Quilting With Laura. When we moved here I taught a class in it at a local quilt store. This is the version I made there:

It eventually became a gift for my sister, who is taking very good care of it!

There really isn't much left to do. It's already sandwiched and basted. All I have to do is quilt in the ditches [by machine], and maybe a few little hand quilting touches.....Then a sleeve for hanging, some binding, and Bingo! A gift ready to go...

I'm quilting some teddy bears right now, so am all warmed up for ditch quilting!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Given away UFOs

OK, the decision has been made!

UFOs that are given away cannot be counted as completed UFOs, however, if you post a picture of them on this blog, I will start another list on the side bar and call it "eliminated UFOs".

That would certainly be one way of reducing your UFO pile, Sheila! I might even consider it myself.

Hey, we could even offer them to other Gidy girls through this blog! (Although I believe Jane has her eye on Sheila's and we might have a challenge claiming any of hers!)


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yay... Yay... Yay...

Thanks Lindi, for my prize and for setting up this Blog!! Yay... I just love the fabric and the Knickers as well... what a fun thing to do! Yay, Yay, Yay!

David is very impressed with the knickers, he loves the idea of giving prizes and he says to tell you that if you would like him to find a prize in his Garage he will... Oh dear! I just dread to think what he might come up with.Now don't be mistaken, don't be misled,
These aren't for your legs but your nose instead
Just take off the bow and undo the stitches,
You've got two hankies, but you've lost your Knickers...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st Quarter Tally

The First Quarter for 2009 is over. How did you go with your finishing goals?
If, like me, you didn't finish any, did you at least work on some? (I did!)

Here's the Tally results for the 1st Q:

  • 9 of the 14 Gidy Girls completed one or more UFOs

  • Pennie completed the most with 3 shot down, and Narelle came in 2nd with 2

  • Those 9 girls completed 1 knitted garment, 1 wallhanging, 3 quilts, 1 bag, 1 cross-stitch, 2 table cloths, 1 set of stuffed dolls, and 2 small/mini quilts.

Great effort ladies, for a start to the year, but we want more, more, more completed in the next quarter!

As a reward, there will be a little something in the mail for you Pennie; and Narelle, if you send me your addy (my email is here), there will be a little something for you as well.

Ha! You didn't know there were bonus rewards, did you? So come on Gidy Girls, get cracking! Who will get the award next quarter?