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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1st Quarter Tally

The First Quarter for 2009 is over. How did you go with your finishing goals?
If, like me, you didn't finish any, did you at least work on some? (I did!)

Here's the Tally results for the 1st Q:

  • 9 of the 14 Gidy Girls completed one or more UFOs

  • Pennie completed the most with 3 shot down, and Narelle came in 2nd with 2

  • Those 9 girls completed 1 knitted garment, 1 wallhanging, 3 quilts, 1 bag, 1 cross-stitch, 2 table cloths, 1 set of stuffed dolls, and 2 small/mini quilts.

Great effort ladies, for a start to the year, but we want more, more, more completed in the next quarter!

As a reward, there will be a little something in the mail for you Pennie; and Narelle, if you send me your addy (my email is here), there will be a little something for you as well.

Ha! You didn't know there were bonus rewards, did you? So come on Gidy Girls, get cracking! Who will get the award next quarter?



Pennie and David said...

Way to go... I really Rock!! Not only have I finished three items I've made two enormous quilt tops designed by Bonnie K Hunter. Now... if I could machine quilt I might be able to tackle my UF Quilt Tops :-)
Thanks Lindi I will watch for the Postie!

Narelle said...

Wow! How about that for a nice surprise?

Thankyou Lindi and congratulations Penny.

Lindi said...

Welcome, ladies!
But you shouldn't rub it in, Pennie. Some of us do work as well, you know.

Molly said...

I knew this before, but now am ,once again, painfully reminded.....There is no quick fix! I seem to have thought that by signing up for this challenge, those UFOs in the closet, the groaning stack, yeah! that one! would magically run to the sewing room and be finished in the night time by.......the shoemakers elves, perhaps?? It ain't happenin', as they say [those elves!]
The trouble is, life keeps elbowing its way into the middle of my best intentions! Someone has a baby. Let's face it, when someone has a baby you have to down tools and make a quilt! Then a friend starts a new art project, and the very next day you're flipping pages in a quilt magazine and it jumps off the page at you---the abolutely perfect wall hanging to make for her. No, she hasn't asked you to make it, but it would tie in so well with her project!!
And meantime the pile sits. Actually, it doesn't just sit, it grows! Sigh!
So, what I need is for the world to stop turning, for maybe a month or two, to give me a chance to catch up! But, messy as life is, it sure is fun! So, I'm not giving up. I'll keep trying.....

Molly said...

Got so carried away with my rant, I finished before saying hats off to both of you, Pennie and Narelle. You're making the rest of us look bad [but also providing a badly needed kick in the pants!

OK, I'm done now!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Glad to see we are all doing a little something. I have finished another one...but will post later this week. Way to go you committed ladies.