We are a group of crafters who have pledged to complete as many of our UnFinished Objects as possible this year...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

UFO's and un-started ufo's

Well here goes, these are just 4 of my ufo's, that I really some much want to finish this year. Sorry ladies, but as I do not quilt, yet.. (Though, I think Sheila has different idea's about that) I love my cross stitch. It has always been my greatest love. Apart from my compie, and my scrapbooking that is.

Number 1.
I started these japanese cranes for hubby last year for his birthday (Feb)

Number 2.
This is my pink orchid, Started about 6 months ago.
A DMC freebie pdf. file, if anyone is interested, from their web site.

Number 3.
The Fairy Grandmother by Lavender and Lace.
My daughter Emma brought all the threads and fabric for me to do, She is part of a set of 3 that I have been doing. The Fairy Queen, Done, framed and on the lounge wall. The Stargazer, half done, and 1000 seed beads to sew on her.

Number 4.
This is "Sebastian Rose"
A kit brought as a birthday present for my other daughter Sara who loves cats.
I have opened the kit, so I think that is now classed as a UFO!!!!

There are quite a few other ufo's in my cupboard, but these are what I really want to do for now, to get started.....
But January is the month to finish The Stargazer, If I am a good girl and work hard on her, she should be finished in 2 or 3 weeks... or she will end up as a ufo.
My New Years Resolution is - To Finish what I start. Forget the other thoughts about saving money, doing housework, changing the bed, eating healthy and diets and so on. I never manage to keep them. So this year I only have one to keep. That should, in theory, be easy. ROFL.

My Challenge

I'm another wearing sackcloth and ashes. Let me confess right now: I'm a serial quilt starter!

However my goal for January is to finish a quilt I started with some quilt-buddies back in September. Most of them are finished their tops and well on the way to quilting their creations while I'm still working on the setting triangles around the clamshell appliqueed centre medallion.

We started out making The English Quilt from a pattern by Terri Brander that appeared in Australian Patchwork & Quilting a few years ago, but we've all added our individual tweaks to the basic design as printed.

It uses dozens of scraps (so why are my scrap bags still so full???) and I'm trying to use up many of my out-of-date (and some not-so-out-of-date) blues. I love, love, LOVE pink so this quilt is an exercise in self-restraint! However I am allowing myself some pink, just as long as the quilt turns out to be predominantly blue.

I'm hand-piecing 40 hexagons -a delight to do in front of the TV - and appliqueeing metres of bias strips. That's the slow part. There is, however, much piecing that I can do by machine so I think I've set myself a realistic target.

There'll be more photos when I've accomplished a little more. Thank you for holding my hand - and please watch this space!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Background

Yes or No folks?

I wanted something that wouldn't conflict with all your quilts. That's why I originally chose the cream. But then I found this. So, what do you all think?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello Everyone, I'm Another

Thankyou Lindi for making this a reality. I have been thinking I should have a year of the UFO and now I have. 2009 will be the year of finished projects.

I have 5 projects on my WIP list but I think I'm kidding myself, they're really UFO's. Then there's several on my 'Ready and Waiting' list so I've got plenty to pick from.

My first thought was to work through the WIP list but on looking over the R&W list, the log cabin is due early March, Spiderman is due early February and Spinning Stars was supposed to be for last winter. Hmmmmm!

I look forward to seeing everyone's progress.

Dear ‘Get It Done’ members - Please be Gentle with me...

I am going to come clean with you...
I feel we all must have an affinity if we’ve willing joined this group... so I’m taking a deep breath and I’m going to spit it out!

I am...
I am a...
I am a...a...a...
I AM A.... Recovering UFO denier...

For the past 16 years I have denied the fact that a growing pile of UFO’s was accumulating in my sewing room, it wasn’t obvious at first because they were scattered on the bench top, in this drawer, that shelf, hidden in a plastic bag and even under the sewing table.

When approached by a so called friend, who shall remain nameless... Just kidding her name is Michelle!! I hid behind my mask and called them WIP’s, I shouted from the rooftops that ‘Blocks’ couldn’t be called either UFO’s or WIP’s and they should be known by their proper name of ‘Blocks’! I argued that nobody knew if they were meant for a quilt or a potholder or a wall hanging so technically they couldn’t possibly be called UFO’s when finishing wasn’t even on the makers mind!

I said that joining in Swaps for Blocks or Signatures was just that... and I hadn’t finished joining or collecting just yet!

But Dear Readers... On the 14th of September 2008 I did what I never thought I would do and... And... And... Well you can see the results for yourself in my pile of UFO’s!!

Soooo my New Years Resolution is... To finish at least one project before I start a new one and I’m counting on you lot to help me through this ordeal!!

Which one will I choose to finish first I wonder... Mmmmmm

Thank you for listening, cheers Pennie

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My knees are shaking

I really want to get this done but my knees are shaking just thinking about it. I hand pieced the blades of the dresden plates. I messed up and sewed all the way to the end to the curve on about half of them (don't ask me why) so now I gotta "fix" them before I can applique them. BUT I'm going to do it! Okay, ladies, remember the song on "Top Gun" --something to do with the danger zone. I'm going to focus and going into the danger zone and I am going to whip you know what with this UFO!

Blessings from the Danger Zone,

Friday, December 12, 2008

UFOs buzzing everywhere!

I think this is going to be lots of fun! Everyone seems to be getting all ready for the New Year and working out their first projects. I am going to list a few of mine, and then prioritise them. Of course, I'll have to work on 2 or 3 at a time ~ I get bored just working on one.

Hmmm that's probably why I have ufos in the first place...

So, I guess I'll just have UUFOs (unfinished unfinished objects), for a few months and then 2 or 3 finished at the same time! *vbg*

One of the first will be this one, not that it's high on the list, but because it's pretty.

Preparation for the Year Ahead

With much trepidation I opened the UFO cupboard and then quickly shut it again....lol.

Okay, my idea is this - I will open the aforementioned cupboard with eyes closed, reach in and remove one item. This item I will then finish .... ROTFL.

Oh my, she is such a funny woman ..... I hear you say and scoff - you just wait I will finish .... well, I will try and finish, mmmm yes I will attempt to finish something in the cupboard.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Me Too.

I'm in too, now I will have to go a search through the cupboard for all those unfinished one's. Thats going to take me a while.

Count me in!

This is just the push I need to get a project done I started YEARS ago for my daughter.

Thanks, Lindi, for the invite.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rules for Playing

In 2009, I have every intention of finishing off some of the things I have started over the last few years.

With that in mind, I have started this blog. Would you like to join me?

We will start by selecting a project to finish, posting a photo of where it is up to, progress reports, then finally, the finished poject.Your craft doesn't have to be quilting. You may be a knitter, a weaver, in fact any craft! As long as you intend to play by the rules (which will be fairly relaxed, btw) you will be welcome.

I will open the blog for all members of the challenge to post their work, the same way that I will be doing. Naturally, I will limit numbers to a reasonable amount. (We don't want 100 posts a month, after all!)Love to have you on the team. We might even have some mini in-house challenges and prizes during the year!

  1. It must be a work that was started before 2009 * (this can include projects from stash fabrics - buying is the beginning of a project after all!) *
  2. You must post a photo of where you are picking up from
  3. Progress reports desirable but not compulsory (sometimes we just get too busy or immersed in our craft to stop and take photos)
  4. Completed work must be photographed and posted with date finished.
  5. No offensive language or pictures to be posted.
  6. Only relevant posts to be made. You can link to your own blog during a progress post, if there are other things you wish to share, but don't post just for that.

email me at lindijanej at blogspot dot com (I have spelt it out to avoid spam) if you wish to participate and be linked in.



*amendment to rule 1.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Get It Done Challenge 2009

In January 2009, I will launch the Get It Done Challenge.

The challenge came about during an online conversation between 2 quilters regarding finishing things they had started or bought fabric for. We decided to start a finish off challenge in 2009. The challenge has now been extended to all crafters (knitters, crocheters, soft toy makers - etc etc)
Anyone wishing to join the challenge is very welcome.

More details in January, so tune in then.