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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quilt Guild Challenge 2009

Last Spring I signed up to do our quilt guild's challenge for 2009. I paid my few dollars and received my kit, comprising an instruction sheet and a fat quarter of the challenge fabric.

"Stargazer" is the theme for the challenge, and we are to incorporate a nine patch, or a series of nine patches, within a star of our own choosing.

We are to use a "recognizable piece of the challenge fabric and no more than five other fabrics."

It has to be at least 26"x 26", but can be as big as we care to make it.

The finished entries will be displayed at our guild meeting on 26th. February.

Which means we've had three seasons. Not months, seasons, to work on it! Guess who hasn't made one cut in her fabric yet? Yup. That'd be moi.

Is there such a thing as Quilter's Block?

If so, I think I have it!

My brain shuts down every time I think about this challenge. I can't come up with anything imaginative or creative, beyond a nine patch in a star. Duh!

Would you like to see the challenge fabric?

And the five I'm thinking of using with it?

I may change some/one/all!!of these yet. It needs something with more sparkle, don't you think? Something I'm low on at moment.

It's way past my bedtime.

Maybe I'll dream a solution.

Maybe the Ghost of Challenges Past will come to inspire me while I snooze!

Maybe the moon is made of green cheese.


What is a UFO?

Thank you Boss Mama for clarifiying the position on what a UFO is - I have to admit to getting worried; my pile of UFOs is big enough without adding my fabric stash as well....lol. Feel like a recovering addict facing a 12 step program to finish my UFO's....rotfl.

So I shall proudly stand up and declare:

"Yes, I am a GIDy Girl"

New name

Ok. You all have a new name to add to your other titles.
As of now, you are all hereby proclaimed "The GIDy Girls"!

(Boss mama indeed! I could be mean and remind you that I am younger than most of you! rofl)
Oh yes Boss Mom,
I will bend over to get my bum slapped!!!!!

Does UFO mean,
Kits I made up myself, with chart, fabric hoop needle and thread and stashed away in my sewing drawer from about 5 years ago and have not even started count as a ufo??????

If this is so, then opppps I have about 30 or more........ all nicely packed in their own little plastic zippy bag, just waiting to loved, touched and sewn.

Yes I mean about 30...... I think I must suffer from CCCSS. (Compulsive Collection of Cross Stitch Syndrome)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Defining UFOs

Attention, ladies! (Assumes schoolmarm voice)

Oh boy, we certainly know how to justify ourselves don't we? LOL (you guys so crack me up)

At the beginning of the challenge, I laid out some rules, but perhaps they weren't very clear. Our object is to finish projects that have been waiting for hhmm *muffled talk* years, is it not?

Whilst I agree with you all, :-) we need to be clear on what we want to achieve and we also want to be fair to the others who are seriously trying to shoot down those flying saucers.

Feel free to start new projects (yes, Pennie, it was a new project!) out of scraps and stash, but to be fair, I will only list projects that were started and then neglected before 2009, as finished UFOs, in the side bar list.
You may, however, count as a started UFO, a quilt that hasn't been cut out or sewn at all, if you bought almost all the fabric ready for it, before 2009, and you had a definite project in mind.

I think that is only fair.

[Sorry if I sound serious. I am really laughing guys! No wonder we have UFOs! ]

I'm with Molly...

I've always wondered about the definition of UFO, I reckon something like this has to have broad boundaries... for example if you make a quilt (top) using all the fabric from your stash, fabric that is left over from say... Sean's quilt, A challenge quilt, a blue and yellow hexagon quilt and so on and so forth... surely that can go in the basket of using up your UFO's?? Just like Molly's BOTM this is a 'new' project aka the Bonnie K Hunter Double Delight... but not one new fabric went in it!! So Ta Daaaa! another UFO hits the dust ??? Well I will have to get someone to quilt it.

But wait there's More... I have finished... as in top, batting, backing, quilting, label and binding... another UFO, one that was started last August but it's the 2009Kambrachallenge and not to be revealed until August this year, you can go and see the fabrics that Wendy chose for us on the Kambrachallenge Blog... 10 years of Challenges are there.
Anyway... January 2009 is almost over and I'm feeling and doing good!!

I've Been A Ba-a-d Girl!

I was browsing around quilting sites recently, when I happened upon the Bunny Hill Designs site.

And their free Block of The Month.

Lead me not into temptation, because Lord, you know I'm weak!

But into temptation I recklessly ran.....I did finish it though. Already!

So, really, it was only a teeny, tiny little peccadillo---no more than eight inches square! Would you like to have a peek?

Since I had most of the fabric in my stash, was it even a sin at all??

Reverend Mother Lindi, what say you?

Note to potential sinners: There'll be a new basket block at the beginning of each month throughout the year, culminating in instructions on putting them all together in a wall hanging! Go on; you know you want to!
Well Sebastian Rose has finally come out of the packet, (ufo number 2)and this is him after 3 days. I have decided that he will be a present for my aunt, Sheila. As she knows about him, I can post a picture.
This was a pre-made kit that I brought last year, opened it and put it all together. Though for many months it was just a blank fabric in an embroidery hoop. I have to say that I was very disappointed with this kit, which cost me a lot of money - the fabric was not cut properly and had frayed a lot, and the silks were not what they said they were. So I have replaced the silks for a better quality. And to top it all, the needle which came with it, had been stuck into the fabric and left a rusty mark. I was not amused. I shall not be buying pre-made kits again. I shall make up my own and just buy the charts.

Hmmm Fairy Grandmother is on hold. I have spent 2 weeks on her now, and am getting very fed up with the constant change of color on these wings. So I am desperately in need of a quick kick up the rear end from you ladies.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Taxi quilt..... pattern by Heidi Pridemore

Since you all were betting.... I brought home a few bits of fabric the very first day of work...probably 1/3 of my wages for week..... but it really will finish up a block of the month...that I am doing this year....so not too terrible. I am including the Alabama version of the TAXI quilt ...available as a free pattern ...by Heidi Pridemore...the link is at http://www.ttfabrics.com/images/patterns/Taxi.pdf My friend chose to do it in crimson black and white. and using Alabama fabrics randomly. I adore that color combo...but any color plus black and white would be fun. I have thought about turquoise. So here is the photo of her quilt .... and I am happy to say I have begun to applique on my UFO ...very wonky 9 patch. I am continuing to hand quilt on my When oh WHEN.... as in WHEN oh when will it EVER be finished????? quilt. Hope to finish a customer quilt by tomorrow evening....then add borders to a UFO...on Sunday. Maybe get it quilted too. It is a simple quilt for a brother of mine. Now if I can resist the Fabric Temptation just a bit better next week. I have completed part 1 and have just cut all of part 2 for the DD online Quiltville Mystery Quilt. I am doing a 1/2 size version...as in half of the blocks in total. Maybe will sew on that a wee bit as well. Have a great weekend.

She Has Actually Made a Start!!!

Okay girls, I have made a start!!

After opening the dreaded cupboard I have removed a few items to start with.

I wonder if there is a record for the number of UFOs? If there is I must be getting close to it.....lol

These baskets contain not one, not two, three or six projects but nine!!

Then there is this lovely Elizabethan quilt I started way back when.

Then I found this great Jinny Beyer quilt called Around the World with a very complicated mariner's star as as centre along with lots of foundation piecing. It also has a lot of fussy cutting to make kaleidoscope blocks and squares with circled motifs. Now I have never done a Mariner's Star so I figure why not? The main problem was and still is, I am not a blue person and most of the quilt is. So it got relegated to the UFO cupboard.

Next I thought I would make some lace tablecloths and attacked the lace in a mad frenzy which wore off reasonably fast .... lol

This picture shows another six UFO's, bear in mind girls, that I have only looked at a couple of shelves in the UFO stash.....rotfl. So I am showing you 19 UFOs. I don't think I will tell how many more there are.

This origami style peace quilt took my fancy way back when, and as I had a very large oriental stash I thought it would be a perfect way to use it up. The cranes are made foundation way and contain 18 pieces. There are I think 96 cranes and I began drafting up the papers for the foundations. Think I made about 45 when I thought I would start sewing them. Heavens they look great but they are so time consuming. Each block is 4" so you can see how tiny some of the pieces are.

But the main purpose of this post is to say I have started on the first UFO ......yahooo!

This quilt is made from a jelly roll - I purchased it last February and cut it up. Then Philip went into the Palliative Care Unit so I thought I would hand piece it for something to do while I sat with him.

You all know what happened and suffice to say, the quilt was thrown into the UFO stash, I think because of what it represented. Now I have decided to finish it and give it to the Unit to raffle or use whatever they choose to do with it. When Philip was having chemo I made a quilt then and donated it to the Chemo Unit so the idea is the same with this.

So got the machine out and began making more blocks to add to the ones I had already completed.

See Lindi I can make a start and 'search' for a man on the internet at the same time..... rotfl.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A very quick note..... UFO 9 patches....and a new job!

I have been offered a very part time job...at a fabric store. I am so excited about this. It won't interfere with my quilting, it is only a few mornings...no weekends. I can promote my quilting...and .... although I am hoping to remain true to my fabric "diet", I receive a discount on fabric. It isn't just a quilt shop...it actually has more...decorator fabrics....but a nice little quilting section. I am excited about this. It will let me be out with people...but still give me plenty of time to do what I also enjoy. I was given a wonderful opportunity to quilt this wonderful quilt...which is this years block of the month for the fabric store, it was made by Gloria Reeves, the soon to be named President of the Mississippi Quilt guild association. I was scared.... of the ruler work...there has to be some tricks...but she wanted the paisley flourish in all the setting blocks...which I can almost do in my sleep now. I think it turned out pretty well. Up next is an Alabama lap quilt, that a friend of mine, Linda made for her son who graduated from Alabama...it is based on the taxi quilt pattern. I really enjoyed doing this one. I think I need to make one of these for our family. I also am working on these silly 9 patches, and only realized after they were sewed into a wall hanging size that I had accicentally cut one sashing strip the wrong size..so it is wonky.Therefore, Iam determined to make it right..by sewing something prim....on top of it...any ideas???? I have none at the moment. I am sure Libby can suggest somthing. Thanks for the visit.... I will update soon.

40 Hours so far.

You all seem to be getting on better with your ufo's than I am.
Fairy Grandmother. Looks like it is going to be a good few months before she gets done. This is 40 hours of work - so far. and counting, lol.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

T-Block Quilt On a Roll!

I can't believe how quickly this quilt is coming together. I've sewn the strips together to make 64 x 6 1/2" squares.

Then the squares are joined in sets of 4 to make 16 x 12 1/2" blocks.

The finished block size is 12" so at this stage my quilt will be 48" square.

This will be the layout, however I'll do some playing around with colour combinations for a bit before I start to join anything.
I'm also thinking whether or not I should have a thin sashing between each block and/or a border?
I found the pattern while browsing some old magazines over Christmas. It's called 'Sunshine and Moonbeams' by Adriana Gismondi featured in AP&Q Vol 4, No 2. Adriana used sun, moon, stars themed fabric, hence the name.
As soon as I opened the page I knew that I had to make it. Better keep at it now.
Happy Sewing

Can't Help Myself - Here's #2

This is why I have UFO's. I get bored quick and move onto another project.

While deciding that this is the layout I will go with for the Log Cabin Quilt ...
(Thankyou for your comments. I was swaying between two so it's nice to have another opinion.)

I started cutting strips out for the next quilt, a T-block Lap Quilt.

At the time, I purchased twice as much fabric for the log cabin as I needed, so I found a pattern over Christmas that I could put the extra fabric to good use.

Here is 64 bundles of 4 strips waiting for the sewing to begin. I turned these into ....

these. After the first 10 or so, I decided to sew a second row of stitching, half inch from the first. That way when I cut away the corner, I'll have little 1 3/4" squares for ... something else.

After sewing and pressing I now have 64 of these ready for the next step.

I hope to be back later today more progress pics. The Log Cabin Quilt is not forgotten. I've been brushing up on how to now join the blocks with no strips inbetween.
Happy Sewing

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally making a start on UFO's

Well I have finally made a start on some UFO's. As I am a relatively new quilter (3/4 years) I haven't had to delve into the deep dark depths of cupboards, etc. Having said that doesn't mean that I don't have UFO's. I'm sure that I have at least one or two for each year I have been quilting...possibly more. To start I have chosen two wall hangings and a table runner which I started in the latter half of 2008. My reason for choosing these is that they were on the top of the pile and they are relatively smallish projects, so they won't take months to complete.

1. This is a wall hanging which I am making from a panel. There is a lot of faux embroidery stitching in the sashing, but it is difficult to see. I have overstitched these through the three layers which will hold it all together. I now just have to trim it up, do the binding, add somthing to enable hanging and add a label.

2. Christmas table runner. I actually bought this fabric around Xmas 2007, but didn't find a pattern I liked until 2008. This one I still have to quilt, bind and label. You can just see all of the pins in the picture which are holding it together at the moment. I was debating to machine quilt this one, but not ever having machine quilted before I think I might hand quilt it until I can practice on the machine a bit.

3. Another wall hanging. 'Chooks Rule the Roost'
There legless at the moment, so I'm surprised they haven't fallen off the roost yet!! LOL My attempt at some humour. Still have some more to add to the top, then it will need sandwiching, quilting and binding.

Now, one of the above projects will be for one of the blogs in 'Sooziii's decorate your blog for Xmas' comp. And I'm not saying which one, that will be the surprise.

A Promise to Keep

Alright girls, despite spending hours playing with prospective boyfriends on line I have been shifting through my UFOs.

Son goes back to work on Monday and so my workroom becomes free of his presence (he has be using the PC in there while I play on the laptop). I have been slowly organising the ever growing pile of UFOs and I have to admit to being a tiny bit ashamed at how many there are..... NOT!!

I have promised myself I will not buy any more fabric, unless it is to finish a UFO, or patterns or take on board any new ideas until I have at least cleared out 10 UFOs. Just how long I can keep the promise will be very interesting.

So next week I take a photo of the pile and then dip in and start.

Completed Blocks

Ok, so now I have my 16 blocks completed and I've been playing with layouts.

Having blocks with two different colour combinations means almost twice the choices. In photos 3 and 4 I've just swapped the colours around. I have several other layouts on the camera but these are the family favourites.
Please feel free to leave your thoughts or preferences, I appreciate your ideas.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starting on UFO #1.

Well after spending a few hours unpicking what I had started about 4 or 5 months ago and then stuffed in the cupboard, forgotten about, due to the wedding sampler needing to be finished for my daughters wedding last September. I have started on this one again. This is 18 hours of work, including 2 hours unpicking. Because after looking at the pattern again with fresh eyes, I realized I had not centered it properly.
At best, I can do about 100 stitches an hour. This one is about 30,000 stitches and 100 or so beads. Only problem is much of it is a few stitches in one color and a few in another and so on. Which brings down the time to about 40-60 stitches per hour. Constantly changing color, I think this is going to take me much longer to complete than a quilt would. But I might be wrong. I would love to know how much time you ladies spend sewing a quilt from the start to the finished quilt.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Making Progress on #1

Here is eight of the sixteen blocks for a log cabin lap quilt.

The 2nd and 3rd rows of darks will be different fabrics on the other eight, so this won't be the final layout. I'm off to boil the kettle and keep sewing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Finished project of 2009.

This is technically not a UFO, but she was started in 2008, and before I can make a start on any of my ufo's, she had to be finished.
This is the culmination of about 3 months work, many lost beads and extremely punctured fingers. I have a nice dent on the top of my middle finger on the right hand where I am constantly pushing a needle through the fabric.

Presenting...... The Stargazer.

Ahhhhh - now this means I have to get out the dreaded ufo's.......

Jane - AKA The Faerie Queen.
From on top of the world in the UK.
as opposed to those of you down under, in Australia.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Start On #1

Finally I've managed to make a start on my first project for the challenge.

The fabrics were purchased around October last year and I would like to have it finished by the end of February so we'll see.

Last Sunday I got all the fabric cut into squares and strips. Then life took over so it wasn't till Wednesday I managed to get each of the 16 blocks started. Today I'm ready to start adding more strips using quilt-as-you-go.
While I was cutting fabric, DD was quilting a small wall hanging she's had on the go for a little while. She only gets to sew when she's home from Uni and not doing other things.

Quilting Wishes from

Friday, January 9, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lindi's First Choice

I suppose I should have led the way posting my first UFO, but it's good to see that all you enthusiastic people aren't waiting for me!

First up is this lap quilt for my Great Niece. I started this around August (?) last year, and even tho' it was supposed to only take a month at the most, it ended up in the wrong pile. But that's the way it often goes, don't ya know ;-)

Even tho' I hadn't posted, I haven't been totally slack - oooh-no! I pinned this the other day, all ready to quilt. Now I just have to tidy my sewing area so that it, and I, will fit, and then I can get stuck into it.

What's that? The books have to be in to the accountant's for last financial year in the next fortnight? Hmmm.... seems this might have to wait a bit longer.

No wonder I have lots of UFOs!!!

"Love to Nae"


Project Numero Uno

UFO sightings are commonplace around here. They threaten to descend in a smothering mass from the top shelf of the spare room closet every time I dare to open it; they lie about in various stages of completion in every corner of my sewing room. But they have become saucy and impertinent and I'm not going to take it any more! With thanks in advance to Lindi, I intend to show them who's boss this year. I'm running this show, not them!

Picking the first to tackle was a no-brainer! I had started a purse for my sister-in-law for Christmas. Then my m-i-l got sick, went to the hospital etc. etc. etc.

So much for finishing the purse, or pretty much anything else!

But, all was not lost! Sister-in-law, who had originally planned to visit for Christmas, delayed her trip. She arrived yesterday. After picking her up from the airport and depositing her at HQ, where she was greeted as though she were the messiah, I scurried home and into my sewing room, and frantically started sewing!

This is where I left off before Christmas.

This is where I am today.

By tomorrow it should be finished! And we're still in the first week of the year! But I shouldn't congratulate myself yet! My powers of procrastination are legendary. As you can see, here I am, blogging about my project, instead of getting it done!

To work!

I'll be back soon and FINISHED!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sooziii's Cupboard

Well girls, I did it again, I opened the infamous UFO cupboard and this time looked in. Oh my! I have no idea where to start. Do I start with oldest first, the one on top, one I really like or the one I need next??

I think what I need to do first is remove them all from the cupboard and sort them into some sort of order like

  • least amount left to do or
  • 'hate the colours on this one but know someone else will like it' or maybe
  • this should be easy to start with

That all sounds like a perfectly good idea to me so my next post will have accompanying photos of what I have organised and what I have selected to be my first project....lol.

Gee Lindi, I hope you have patience for the worlds worst procrastinator - I am soooo good at finding something else to do; but at least I didn't go shopping like Birdie and buy more.

Happy New Year

Thankyou Lindi for starting this Get It Done Challenge. I'm really hoping I will be up to the challenge.
As most of my UFOs are applique, it might be slow going!
Here are photos of 2 of my oldest UFOs. These are from The Twelve Days Of Christmas patterns from Brandywine. I started this in 1998! Only 4 more blocks and the borders to finish. LOL

These are from Jan Kornfeind's Country Applique line of patterns. I started these around 1996 or 1997? I made a Santa Sampler from her patterns in the early 1990s which my DD laid claim to, so I started a second one for my DS. I have no idea how I'm going to put this one together, so I don't know how many more I have to do! I'll try to dig up a photo of the first one, I think there were about 15 santa blocks in it.

I must confess these are "just the tip of the iceberg", I'm a quilting addict! LOL

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress. Bye for now.