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Friday, January 30, 2009

I've Been A Ba-a-d Girl!

I was browsing around quilting sites recently, when I happened upon the Bunny Hill Designs site.

And their free Block of The Month.

Lead me not into temptation, because Lord, you know I'm weak!

But into temptation I recklessly ran.....I did finish it though. Already!

So, really, it was only a teeny, tiny little peccadillo---no more than eight inches square! Would you like to have a peek?

Since I had most of the fabric in my stash, was it even a sin at all??

Reverend Mother Lindi, what say you?

Note to potential sinners: There'll be a new basket block at the beginning of each month throughout the year, culminating in instructions on putting them all together in a wall hanging! Go on; you know you want to!


sMC said...

omgosh.... just wait till FaerieQueen sees this.

I forgive you Molly. Never mind what the others say.

Lindi said...

Well my daughter, seeing as you used your stash, if you promise to do some work on your UFOs now, I will forgive you. :)

Anonymous said...

That is super, Looks really cool.And note to sheila. I have already been and got the BOM for this.

Marilyn said...

You girls crack me up!

Sooziii said...

Ah, get thee behind me Satan er um Molly!

Please don't tempt the weak of mind regarding new projects....lol.

I was impressed when you said you used fabric from your stash but when I reread it I noticed the tiny word 'most'....rotfl