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Saturday, January 24, 2009

She Has Actually Made a Start!!!

Okay girls, I have made a start!!

After opening the dreaded cupboard I have removed a few items to start with.

I wonder if there is a record for the number of UFOs? If there is I must be getting close to it.....lol

These baskets contain not one, not two, three or six projects but nine!!

Then there is this lovely Elizabethan quilt I started way back when.

Then I found this great Jinny Beyer quilt called Around the World with a very complicated mariner's star as as centre along with lots of foundation piecing. It also has a lot of fussy cutting to make kaleidoscope blocks and squares with circled motifs. Now I have never done a Mariner's Star so I figure why not? The main problem was and still is, I am not a blue person and most of the quilt is. So it got relegated to the UFO cupboard.

Next I thought I would make some lace tablecloths and attacked the lace in a mad frenzy which wore off reasonably fast .... lol

This picture shows another six UFO's, bear in mind girls, that I have only looked at a couple of shelves in the UFO stash.....rotfl. So I am showing you 19 UFOs. I don't think I will tell how many more there are.

This origami style peace quilt took my fancy way back when, and as I had a very large oriental stash I thought it would be a perfect way to use it up. The cranes are made foundation way and contain 18 pieces. There are I think 96 cranes and I began drafting up the papers for the foundations. Think I made about 45 when I thought I would start sewing them. Heavens they look great but they are so time consuming. Each block is 4" so you can see how tiny some of the pieces are.

But the main purpose of this post is to say I have started on the first UFO ......yahooo!

This quilt is made from a jelly roll - I purchased it last February and cut it up. Then Philip went into the Palliative Care Unit so I thought I would hand piece it for something to do while I sat with him.

You all know what happened and suffice to say, the quilt was thrown into the UFO stash, I think because of what it represented. Now I have decided to finish it and give it to the Unit to raffle or use whatever they choose to do with it. When Philip was having chemo I made a quilt then and donated it to the Chemo Unit so the idea is the same with this.

So got the machine out and began making more blocks to add to the ones I had already completed.

See Lindi I can make a start and 'search' for a man on the internet at the same time..... rotfl.


Lindi said...

Woo! Well done Sooziii. I like the look of those jelly roll strips. That's a really nice idea you have for their eventual use. It will give you a purpose to finish.
I don't think anyone will beat your number of UFOs unless I can count the number I have bought all the fabric for and never got around to even cutting out! rofl

Molly said...

You are very brave to count them! I just reach for the nearest one, or the one with the least work left to do! if I counted them I'd get seriously depressed and have to spend my time in therapy instead of sewing! Which isn't to say I don't wish you luck.....!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I love your UFO stash.... mine are spread out in who knows where corners and boxes. Maybe that is the key...to put them all together.

Marilyn said...

You are henceforth dubbed UFO Queen until a more brave soul 'fesses up. That 'Crane Quilt' is very impressive and I absolutely love the fabrics in the one you've chosen to work on. May the unit be blessed.

Rowena Quilts'n Sew On said...

You are either a very brave soul or just plain craaazy...all those UFO's and looking for a man!!!!
I wish you well and lots of luck on the man front, I've been a single mum for over 8 years now and UFO's are so much simpler!
Happy stitching,Rowena