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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Starting on UFO #1.

Well after spending a few hours unpicking what I had started about 4 or 5 months ago and then stuffed in the cupboard, forgotten about, due to the wedding sampler needing to be finished for my daughters wedding last September. I have started on this one again. This is 18 hours of work, including 2 hours unpicking. Because after looking at the pattern again with fresh eyes, I realized I had not centered it properly.
At best, I can do about 100 stitches an hour. This one is about 30,000 stitches and 100 or so beads. Only problem is much of it is a few stitches in one color and a few in another and so on. Which brings down the time to about 40-60 stitches per hour. Constantly changing color, I think this is going to take me much longer to complete than a quilt would. But I might be wrong. I would love to know how much time you ladies spend sewing a quilt from the start to the finished quilt.


Narelle said...

Isn't it amazing the amount of time you can put into a cross stitch and only make a little progress. I have one I haven't touched in a couple of years. It has about an inch square of stitches and when I picked it up I couldn't work out which was the top, lol.
Your 'Stargazer' is beautiful!

sMC said...

omg there has to be one in every group, onto her second one already.
(yes I am allowed to say these things she is a rellie :)
I also unpick a lot when I am doing stitcheries or redwork. Somethings just have to look right not necessarily perfect but right.
Well done Jane. The Stargazer is just perfect and beautiful.