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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh yes Boss Mom,
I will bend over to get my bum slapped!!!!!

Does UFO mean,
Kits I made up myself, with chart, fabric hoop needle and thread and stashed away in my sewing drawer from about 5 years ago and have not even started count as a ufo??????

If this is so, then opppps I have about 30 or more........ all nicely packed in their own little plastic zippy bag, just waiting to loved, touched and sewn.

Yes I mean about 30...... I think I must suffer from CCCSS. (Compulsive Collection of Cross Stitch Syndrome)


sMC said...

oh YES FaerieQueen. I think she means they are UFO's. how many more have you?

Marilyn said...

Oh, Yes, but they are small projects, right? Nothing like the LARGE quilts that lie in wait in tubs to be either cut out, sewn up, or quilted. (I'm trying to help you out here.)

The Faerie Queen said...

Thank you marilyn for standing up for me.... Yes compared to the large tubs of quilts, I guess mine must seem very small. But they take soooo long to do. xxxxxx