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Monday, January 5, 2009

Lindi's First Choice

I suppose I should have led the way posting my first UFO, but it's good to see that all you enthusiastic people aren't waiting for me!

First up is this lap quilt for my Great Niece. I started this around August (?) last year, and even tho' it was supposed to only take a month at the most, it ended up in the wrong pile. But that's the way it often goes, don't ya know ;-)

Even tho' I hadn't posted, I haven't been totally slack - oooh-no! I pinned this the other day, all ready to quilt. Now I just have to tidy my sewing area so that it, and I, will fit, and then I can get stuck into it.

What's that? The books have to be in to the accountant's for last financial year in the next fortnight? Hmmm.... seems this might have to wait a bit longer.

No wonder I have lots of UFOs!!!

"Love to Nae"



Molly said...

The main thing is that you have at least identified which of the many will be the first to get your attention.....when you can give it!
Lovely colours!

sMC said...

looks like its going to be good.
Guess 'the books' should come first. Thats what its nice about being retired, only have tax return once a year (still too much says The Scot)