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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quilt Guild Challenge 2009

Last Spring I signed up to do our quilt guild's challenge for 2009. I paid my few dollars and received my kit, comprising an instruction sheet and a fat quarter of the challenge fabric.

"Stargazer" is the theme for the challenge, and we are to incorporate a nine patch, or a series of nine patches, within a star of our own choosing.

We are to use a "recognizable piece of the challenge fabric and no more than five other fabrics."

It has to be at least 26"x 26", but can be as big as we care to make it.

The finished entries will be displayed at our guild meeting on 26th. February.

Which means we've had three seasons. Not months, seasons, to work on it! Guess who hasn't made one cut in her fabric yet? Yup. That'd be moi.

Is there such a thing as Quilter's Block?

If so, I think I have it!

My brain shuts down every time I think about this challenge. I can't come up with anything imaginative or creative, beyond a nine patch in a star. Duh!

Would you like to see the challenge fabric?

And the five I'm thinking of using with it?

I may change some/one/all!!of these yet. It needs something with more sparkle, don't you think? Something I'm low on at moment.

It's way past my bedtime.

Maybe I'll dream a solution.

Maybe the Ghost of Challenges Past will come to inspire me while I snooze!

Maybe the moon is made of green cheese.



Lindi said...

You have my sympathies! What a challenge at the best of times.
Try word association....
stargazer, astronomy, astrology, navigator, space...
My first thought was interlocking friendship stars done as a 9 patch, with 9 patch centres.

sMC said...

now just off the top of my head without too much thought. Not much brains there anyway.

Out with the blues in with some gold.
How about a marineers compass,machine pieced then reversed appligued onto the background and some stars thrown around.btw I won't be upset if you say it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I am of any help either. I dont quilt. much
But a stargazer is also a flower. A lily, can flowers also be done as quilts??

I just love that background fabric. It is beautiful. My stargazer cross stitch would have looked beautiful edged with that. The colors match her beautifully. xxx

Molly said...

You guys need to join our guild---shake us up with your imaginative ideas! Paper piecing is out though. Haven't done enough to tackle a mariner's compass, of all intimidating things, in a project I don't have much time left to do! I agree there are too many blues, and I do have a nice gold that's also in the running. Time to be bold and decide! Thanks for the wonderful suggestions.....

Sooziii said...

I'm with Birdie, think you should dumps some blue and lift everything with golds or yellows.

I was going to suggest paper pieced but if it is a bit intimidating go with Ohio or Friendship stars maybe different sizes sort of scattered 'a la' across the 'sky'.

Marilyn said...

How about a rail fence? Quilt Blocks Galore of Quilter's Cache has this one -http://www.quilterscache.com/R/RailFenceBlock.html
This one has three strips but you could do four. It would be a really fast quilt to do up. Anything that you could strip cut and subcut and join together would be very fast. I'm not sure about the blue either but I haven't seen the green. The challenge fabric, gold, green, and blue might be just thing--don't know.

Marilyn said...

Well, duh, I did see the green. Never mind me. After taking a second look I LIKE the blues. How about the two blues in a rail fence with the challenge fabric and a gold.

Marilyn said...

As you can see I don't read all the instructions! ROTFL I skipped over the part of it needing to have a nine patch and star. Wow! I am a "gidy" make that giddy girl! Anyway the Quilt Blocks Galore at Quilter's Cache may help you out. They have lots of star blocks. Yipes is my face red or what.