We are a group of crafters who have pledged to complete as many of our UnFinished Objects as possible this year...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rules for Playing

In 2009, I have every intention of finishing off some of the things I have started over the last few years.

With that in mind, I have started this blog. Would you like to join me?

We will start by selecting a project to finish, posting a photo of where it is up to, progress reports, then finally, the finished poject.Your craft doesn't have to be quilting. You may be a knitter, a weaver, in fact any craft! As long as you intend to play by the rules (which will be fairly relaxed, btw) you will be welcome.

I will open the blog for all members of the challenge to post their work, the same way that I will be doing. Naturally, I will limit numbers to a reasonable amount. (We don't want 100 posts a month, after all!)Love to have you on the team. We might even have some mini in-house challenges and prizes during the year!

  1. It must be a work that was started before 2009 * (this can include projects from stash fabrics - buying is the beginning of a project after all!) *
  2. You must post a photo of where you are picking up from
  3. Progress reports desirable but not compulsory (sometimes we just get too busy or immersed in our craft to stop and take photos)
  4. Completed work must be photographed and posted with date finished.
  5. No offensive language or pictures to be posted.
  6. Only relevant posts to be made. You can link to your own blog during a progress post, if there are other things you wish to share, but don't post just for that.

email me at lindijanej at blogspot dot com (I have spelt it out to avoid spam) if you wish to participate and be linked in.



*amendment to rule 1.


Anonymous said...

Great Idea, I have lots of UFP's.
I'm in if you let me join. xxxx

Sooziii said...

Oh my - my cupboard is filled with UFO's - maybe I will actually finish one....rotfl

Jackie said...

I'd luv to join in the GID Challenge. I have a couple of things that spring to mind, but I'm sure that if I look I'll find more. It would be nice to actually get some of these completed in 2009. Thanks Lindi for the incentive to work on my UFO's.

blessed speedy said...

OK you;ve twisted my arm - count me in!!!!

Narelle said...

Hi Lindi, I'd love to join your challenge. I've sent an email but it bounced back so I've sent another one. If you don't get it could you please reply to this comment. Thanks.

Molly said...

Great idea Lindi! This is one of my standard New Year's Resolutions---Get my UFOs DONE this year! Actually committing to do so "in public!" might mean that my determination might last longer than three weeks!