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Saturday, December 13, 2008

My knees are shaking

I really want to get this done but my knees are shaking just thinking about it. I hand pieced the blades of the dresden plates. I messed up and sewed all the way to the end to the curve on about half of them (don't ask me why) so now I gotta "fix" them before I can applique them. BUT I'm going to do it! Okay, ladies, remember the song on "Top Gun" --something to do with the danger zone. I'm going to focus and going into the danger zone and I am going to whip you know what with this UFO!

Blessings from the Danger Zone,


Sooziii said...

ROTFL - the Danger Zone - love it.

Need some of that police tape to put across the door of my cupboard so everyone know it is my Danger Zone.

Think I will make a sign for the door saying - Warning - This is a Danger Zone.

I admire you tackling the dresden plates first - (I would tackle the Dresden Files but they have finished...lol) - never tried to make them and yours look very involved. Think I will start with something simple.

Lindi said...

I like the Danger Zone title too! I think that describes my whole sewing room. It's no longer an organised neat and tidy room as per blog, but a creative mess! Fabric pulled out of drawers, scraps waiting to be sorted...ugh!
Good luck with the plates. They're something I won't even attempt, yet!