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Monday, December 7, 2009

Last One For the Year Finished!

Well, I finally finished the last supper (lol) cloth on my UFO list - this one I really had to finish as it is a present. The last one I did and this are for my sisters for Christmas, okay they were meant for the Christmas before last but at least they are now done.

This one is white on white with a briar roses motif, I like all one colour cloths because it doesn't matter what colour china you put with them and you can change your colour scheme without worrying that it won't fit....lol.
I didn't get as many UFO's completed as I would have liked but I am pleased that I was able to cross a few off the list.

Big thanks to Lindi for organising this blog challenge because without it I would have added more UFO's to the pile and not got any done!!


Marilyn said...

Clapping! Job well done. You've gotten a lot of UFOs done this year.

Marilyn said...

P. S.
Lindi, could we repeat this challenge in 2010? You didn't get a fair chance with all you experienced in 2009.

aubirdwoman said...

well done Sooziii.
Yes I agree with Marilyn we need to do it in 2010,
I have a lot of ufo's to finish.
I mean I didn't do very well this year.

Lindi said...

Beautiful, Sooziii! Thanks for the thankyou. Yes, ladies, we will continue next year! I need to get stuffs finished!!!