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Sunday, January 17, 2010

another finish - breast of friends the wallhanging

This quilt has been a bit of an ongoing saga. When it was first listed in the homespun magazine I loved it - it was a block or two each month in the magazine. So I made block one. Then of course I forgot about it and had to chase up the patterns and old mags etc.
Then a lady at my patchwork group brought the finished quilt for show and tell and I remembered about it and decided to make it (again) BUT after a few blocks I again lost interest.
According to the original pattern it is huge - king size I think or maybe even bigger. I decided I didnt really need another huge quilt as its not one that could do with lots of washings etc....so....to cut a long story short I decided to make up the blocks that I had and make a wallhanging from them, which Ive done and finished and its hanging above my sewing machine and I quite like it.
So a ufo is finished - hooray - breast of friends, the wallhanging.

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Quiltycat said...

Congratulations on making a decision on what to do and then getting it done! I understand just what you said about that project. Bought the first couple of issues and then decided that really it wasn't going to happen. Wonder how many others did the same thing? As it went on, some of the blocks weren't really my thing. Never thought of making it into a smaller project. Clever you! C