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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sooziii's Dilemma

What do I really want to finish and what will I continue to hide behind everything else?

Oh my, what a dilemma?

I would love to finish :

Jinny Beyer's "around the world" kingsize quilt - started it 4 years ago.
Jenny Haskin's "robyns romance" also king sized quilt - only started a year or so ago.
Flying Geese Rainbow quilt - started 2 years ago

Well actually there are heaps more I would love to finish but I am realistic and know that I get side tracked so easily; beside two of them are king sized quilts with lots of work in each block. The jenny haskins quilt blocks take a minimum 14 hours for each block and I have only finished 9 of 16!!

Ah excuses, excuses I hear you say ....rotfl!! Yes, but they are my excuses......


Lindi said...

3 big commitments! Better get started! lol

Quiltycat said...

They will be stunning when they are finished! If you have done 9 blocks, then you have over 50% of them done. Carmel