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Friday, February 6, 2009

I Did One!!!

Remember this pile of UFO's? Well I have actually finished one!!!!

I started making a tablecloth for MIL in August for her birthday (was the beginning of December) but it got relegated to the UFO pile. I had machine embroidered two of the centre cutwork pieces and three on the outside before it got tossed in the cupboard.

Now it has been washed once to get the stabiliser out and now needs a second soak and wash before an iron. It will now be given on Mother's Day .... lol.

The quilt top from the jelly rolls is also progressing. I have actually made 12 x 12 1/2" squares and will be starting on the sashing next but not until this hot weather clears up.

I have also made a start on a painting that has been languishing for a while (I have shown the progress on my blog if anyone is interested).

So all told I am a happy camper with one UFO finished and two more which have progressed rather well and I didn't have to buy anything to finish them.....lol.


Lindi said...

Good for you Soziii! It sounds like you might be the star at the moment.
Come on everyone, are we going to let her get that far ahead of us?

Molly said...

Very nice Sooziii! I'd eat that before I'd do it! Now I feel like a proper sluggard---time to get it in gear. I think I need to prod myself further by setting a goal of how many, or which, project I hope to finish each month.

Molly said...
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Marilyn said...

How beautiful! You are an inspiration for sure. Yes, I agree. Time to get it in gear. GRRRRR. Gears grinding. Tires spinning and gravel flying. NOT!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tablecloth sooziii, it is beautiful. Sadly my ufo's will remain ufo's for the time being, thanks to sheila and my new found hobby. xxxx