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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Quick Question

If I buy a book, (it's only 'cause its on special) does that mean I am being slightly naughty?

I mean I could use up some FQ in the cupboard with it.

It is called It's A Wrap and I know I promised not to buy anything but it is calling to me.

Please, please can I??


Lindi said...

Sooziii, you can buy whatever you wantand start new things, too! I won't stop you. You are only transgressing if you have made that commitment elsewhere(Of course, anything you make from that book is not a UFO. lol)
This is just a group that has committed to getting UFOs finished. Nothing else promised, nothing else required.
So, show us the book when you get it! It sounds interesting.

Molly said...

If it'll help, in the mission of using up fat quarters, it would be a sin NOT to buy it!

sMC said...

list mom is very committed is she not :)) I agree with Molly you don't want to add to your sins do you Sooziii excellent buy.

Marilyn said...

It's a good book! My friend took a workshop at her guild and then showed our quilting group how to make a fabric basket. They are fun and make nice gifts. I want to make some more as soon as I finish up on some of my projects.