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Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Further Along

Well I have done some more work on the quilt top that was started last March.

Have started sashing the blocks together and please with how it is looking.

I am not keen on pinks but tried out so many colours for the sashing and kept coming back to this one. There is some of this colour in 90% of the blocks so it seemed to fit perfectly. Anyway, it lifts the whole top because there were really are only lights and light mediums in the jelly roll.

I think it will turn out a pretty quilt for what it is intended for; I am sure the Palliative Care Unit will be able to make use of it.

Not sure if I will quilt it straight away and completely finish it or wait until I get a couple more tops done and do them all together. I guess it would be wise to finish it completely - then I can cross of another UFO...lol.

Yes, I succumb and purchase the book on making bags, etc by wrapping fabric around clothes line. There are some great ideas in it and the basic premise is really simple so I will take a trip to Bunnings and get some clothes line and then attack my stash.

PS As suggested by our Gidy Queen I have posted some info about the fabric wrapped bags on my blog.


Lindi said...

The quilt is looking lovely. That pink certainly does add to it.
Wrapping fabric around clothes line to make bags? We need more info about that book, Sooziii! Do a post on your blog - please

Jeni said...

Your quilt is very pretty... i love the pinks together and thanks for visiting my blog

Marilyn said...

I love that quilt. The pink is perfect.

sMC said...

love the colours. quilt and finish and mark it off the list Sooziii.

Molly said...

This pink works very nicely to tie all your blocks together!

Jackie said...

The pink does really lift it. It will certainly brighten the spirits of the end users. Keep at it & it will be finished in no time.