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Saturday, May 23, 2009

#4 of 4 FINISHED!

Now this finished #4 of 4... I started making this for my DB1's 50th birthday... he turned 60 last year...
It was never going to be a big quilt, just something to throw over his lap but... he gave me something really *#@^%$^* for my birthday so I threw this top down the bottom of my UFO pile and have maintained my rage! LOL I've softened over the years and have a much nicer quilt in mind for him now.
Having just bought a Supreme Slider and Hoop I decided I'd practice machine quilting on this little one. I pin basted half of it and was so impatient to start I did... I was going great guns and thought I didn't need to pin baste the rest sooooo off I went till... UhOh!!! Puckers galore! I decided to cut off the last three rows and turn it into an even smaller quilt but then changed my mind and went for it LOL It doesn't look too bad till you realize it isn't square!!!!!


Narelle said...

Oh wow!
It's very striking.
Well done on finish #4.

sMC said...

0h I like that. I think I would give it to him. Nice but just not perfect like him... tell him.
Well done, you have inspired me Pennie.