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Friday, May 22, 2009

She's Back... #3 of 4 Finished

This one has been hanging around for years, I made these sorts of Raggy quilts for my grandchildren, two brights for the boys and two pinks for the girls. This one uses up the last of my Jan Mullenz flannels. When I made one like this for my 6 year old grandson all my DD1's friends children wanted one so several mothers decided they wanted to learn how to make them themselves so I very carefully started this little sample keeping the stages separate then writing all the instructions and so on... but they never came... something always turned up but at last early this year a date was made and I was able to teach them but this little fellow just sat and waited unfinished. My DD1's friends have made theirs and at last I've finished off my sample... now I'm just waiting for the birth of my #5 grandchild in Macao and if it's a boy it can have this quilt and if it's a girl it can have yesterday's quilt.

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Marilyn said...

Very nice. I like it. Looks so soft and cuddly.