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Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Answer for Pennie

Pennie - yes this is called Cutwork. It is a type of embroidery and can most certainly be done by hand. But not me -ROTFL - I do it on a machine!

I have an embroidery machine so it is really very easy to do. Basically the machine stitches out an outline of the completed design; I then carefully cut away the fabric where there is to be 'gaps'. Once the fabric has been removed, its back to the machine and let it complete the design.

The hardest part, apart from the careful cutting, is laying out the design in the beginning. Taking the time to draw centre and placement lines means a neater more professional finish, although I have to admit I am still not perfect in my placement.

The design can be as simple as a few areas of cutaway fabric to something almost like lace.

A Supper Cloth - or an Afternoon tea cloth - is a small tablecloth; the idea was that for supper or afternoon tea a full table is not set so a small cloth is thrown on one end of the table and set with china and yummy cakes etc. You could also use it as a topper over a larger plain cloth or on a small round table.


Pennie and David said...

Thank goodness... Machine done! I couldn't imagine myself doing that by hand and it looking as good as yours LOL Even though it still sounds tricky! I am so ignorant about embroidery aren't I :-)
Supper Cloth... how very refined, not being a tea or coffee drinker, a Morning Tea or an Afternoon Tea person I guess I've never needed one I take my caffine out of a can! although I don't mind the odd little cake!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...... I have so much to learn. lol. I have only just figured out how to sew a straight seam let alone do something like that. btw. Its beautiful. xxx

Marilyn said...

Your butterfly cutwork is stunning! Love it.