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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yes, Its Another Supper Cloth But It IS Finished!!

Despite spending most of my time painting recently I did manage to finish another UFO.

This is another supper cloth that I started, er, um way back when....lol.

I had completed three of the four butterflies in the centre and that was as far as it had progressed. I finally got stuck into it and completed all the embroidery a couple of weeks ago and then did the wing needle edges and hemmed it this week.

I am a happy camper because I was thinking that nothing was going to get completed this quarter.

The corners are a sort of cut down version of the centre although they are quite large. I would normally put lace around the edge but I felt the cutwork was so heavy and so pretty it could stand alone.

The centre is a really pretty cutwork design and I was very pleased with the way it stitched out.

I have realised that my grandchild is due August/September so I think my next project is going to be finishing the Christening Gown I started last year. I have completed all the embroidery on the eight panels, sleeves, bodice and back so now I have to cut it all out then stitch it together.

I am not looking forward to it - it is going to be a very big learning curve for me because I am not a clothing sewer, and this is full of entredeaux lace and insert lace and ....oh my!

PS - the cloth has got a new home to go to - B11 forgot it is Mother's Day and started panicking about what he could buy his Mum. I offered the cloth and he jumped at it ..... rotfl..... just hope she likes it.


Lindi said...

It's beautiful, Sooziii! I hope she appreciates it as much as it deserves.

Di said...

Exquisite work, Sooziii! I can't wait to see the christening gown finished too. You're so clever!

Marilyn said...

Wow, you rock. I so admire cutwork and have never tried it. Very pretty.

Pennie and David said...

Wow... what is this work actually called?? Embroidery? Cutwork? How on earth do you do it? You must be very clever, it looks so professional like it's been done with a machine? I'm going to show my ignorance here and ask another question... what is a Supper Cloth??