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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Warning Warning Warning... you will need to get your skates on to catch up to me :-)

I have been working on my pile of UFO's and have three lap quilts and one table runner almost finished, two are raggy and need clipping and two need their bindings sewn down... I will search my files (i.e. my head) and find the start dates for these four, finish them off and then 'Wow' you with photos this week.. Okay!
In this photo you will see the four quilts I'm working on and behind the 'decreasing' UFO pile.
I think I will do a little happy dance then settle down in the sun and sew... or clip...


Narelle said...

Wow, you'll be know as power Pennie soon, the way you're powering along.
You must be very happy with your progress and lovely quilts.

sMC said...

okay give us the secret ingredients... just what are you drinking.

btw well done. :)

Pennie and David said...

Power Pennie... yes I think I can add that to my CV quite comfortably, thank you Narelle LOL

What am I drinking??? Too funny!
I don't drink alcohol (I'd like to but it doesn't like me - more than one tablespoon puts me under the table) I don't drink Tea or Coffee (I'd like to sit in trendy cafe's and order something complicated but I don't like the taste)
Soooo I drink lots of Water, an odd can of Diet Coke, some juice and Shape Milk... do you think that's my SECRET Shelia???

Marilyn said...

Never was good at skates! Busted my behind too many times. But it does sound like a challenge!